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Services to Small and Medium Enterprises

Maintenance of bank accounts

The Bank offers to physical persons the services of opening and operating bank accounts in Rubles and foreign currencies.

Such bank accounts allow physical persons to perform banking operations not related to business activities. 

Having a bank account will enable you to rationally and effectively manage available funds and perform the whole complex of banking operations:

  • cash deposit and withdrawal;
  • non-cash bank transfers;
  • crediting transferred funds to an account;
  • receiving interest on deposits;
  • conversion operations;
  • other operations with bank accounts provided for in the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

Thus, you will be able to:

  • transfer money to your friends and relatives within the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • transfer money to accounts of organizations within the territory of the Russian Federation in payment for any goods or services;
  • receive money transfers from physical persons or organizations, e.g. insurance payments and compensations;
  • repay loans;
  • transfer money to deposit accounts;
  • convert your money into currency other than the currency of your account;
  • safely store your money;
  • perform other routine financial operations.

You can manage your account personally or via your representative assigned by a power of attorney executed in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

You can at any time obtain information on availability of funds on your bank account and their movements, or place a standing order with the Bank to transfer funds from your account within the limit of available funds on your account.

Rates and commissions under agreements on bank accounts