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Bank transfers

Transactions with accounts in Rubles and foreign currencies are carried out by the Bank based on orders of its customers executed in hard copy or sent electronically via the Bank-Client System.

Transactions under customers’ accounts are made up within account balance without any limitations, except as otherwise provided by the applicable law.

Monetary funds in Rubles are credited by the Bank into accounts of legal entities free of charge on the day of their receipt.

Payments are accepted within the operating hours. There is a possibility to order extended operating hours.

Transfers in Rubles are made by the Bank through the system of electronic money transfer of the Bank of Russia, as well as through its branch network which enables the Bank to execute customers’ payment orders on the day of their receipt.

The Bank is a member of the SWIFT International Payment System which allows it to make international transfers practically in any currency and to any country within the shortest timescales. Money transfers in foreign currency are made on the day the transfer request is received.  

The Bank’s activities are aligned with «Know Your Customer» procedures meeting the regulatory requirements for prevention of the laundering of illegally acquired proceeds, as well as international standards applicable to this area.

The Bank charges fees for money transfers in Rubles and foreign currency at effective rates.

Transfers to accounts opened in the Bank’s branches are effected free of charge in real-time mode.

CJSC JSCB Alef-Bank sets the rates for its branches based on peculiarities of the regional market of banking services, which ensures flexible approach to pricing and allows offering the most competitive rates to its customers.

Cost of banking services