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Custody services

The Bank offers to its clients the whole range of custody services on the equities market, including management of equity and non-equity securities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Bank holds License No. 077-03175-000100 for provision of custody services issued on 04.12.2000. We have vast experience in dealing with various instruments: bills of exchange and certificates of deposit, obligations, shares, and stocks. 100% of the employees of the Bank's depository have qualification certificates of equity market experts.

The Depositary carries out depositary activity in terms of combining with a broker, dealer, and management activities in securities in accordance with the licenses of professional participant of securities market.

The Bank performs the following operations with non-equity securities:

  • Deposit (acceptance) of securities,
  • Issuance of securities,
  • Transfer of securities to custody accounts,
  • Acceptance/transfer of securities to counterparties of depositors,
  • Submission of securities for redemption,
  • Encumbering securities with liabilities.

Securities are kept in the own depository of the Bank, thus allowing the deponents to remove securities from custody at any time, as soon as required.

Non-equity securities are recorded by the depositary on custody accounts of the customers using the Closed Method.

The Bank performs the following operations with equity securities: 

  • Deposit (acceptance) of securities from the register,
  • Issuance of securities to the register,
  • Settlements through correspondent depositaries (VTB, the National Depositary Centre, etc.),
  • Transfer of securities to custody accounts,
  • Adjustment of balances on custody accounts based on the results of stock market transactions,
  • Encumbering securities with liabilities.

To find out the fees for these services, please put your enquiries to the Contact Person.