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Financial reports

The resourcing policy of ALEF-BANK is aimed at improvement of traditional forms of attraction of capital and development of new ones, sustenance of liquidity, and optimization of the liabilities structure. This ensures maximum protection of the interests of the depositors and shareholders of the Bank, and at the same time facilitates expansion of the scope of its activities.

The main principle of ALEF-BANK in assets management is maximization of their profitability and ensuring the minimum risk of operations. The structure of the Banks' assets is primarily comprised of credits granted to enterprises and physical persons, balances of correspondent accounts with other banks, and inter-bank loans.

The structure of liabilities reflects the basic principles of the Bank’s operation: a certain extent of conservatism and weighed risks, and has been mostly stable over years. As before, the majority of liabilities is comprised of the funds of the Bank’s clients – legal entities, as well as of the funds of the Bank’s shareholders.