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Bank guarantees

One of the directions of the Bank’s activities is provision of bank guarantees.  

A guarantee is a written obligation of the Bank issued on request of a principal in favour of a beneficiary.

The Bank grants tender guarantees, downpayment reimbursement guarantees, contract performance guarantees, guarantees to customs authorities.

Guarantees can be granted for amounts in various currencies: Russian Rubles, US Dollars, Euro.

The commissions are normally paid in a lump sum for the whole period of a guarantee no later than on the day of issuance of a guarantee.

Depending on the credit history, financial status of a client, the amount of guarantee, the turnover on bank accounts, a client may need to provide adequate security.

The Bank can accept the following collateral:

  • pledge of liquid property assets (real estate, fixed assets, finished goods, material stocks, semi-products, etc.);
  • pledge of liquid securities (including bills of exchange issued by the Bank);
  • sureties of the owners of a business;
  • sureties of solvent companies.

To find out the fees for issuance of bank guarantees, please put your enquiries to the Contact Person.