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Notice of a change in the name of the Bank

Dear customers and partners of the Bank,

We hereby advise that, in connection with the name of the Bank being made compliant with Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 05.05.2014 ‘On making changes to chapter 4 of part one of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and recognizing as inoperative certain legislative documents of the Russian Federation”, the Bank’s full and short official name will be changed as of 14.09.2016.

Full official name of the Bank:

Joint Stock Company Joint Stock Commercial Bank ALEF-BANK

Short official name of the Bank:

JSC JSCB Alef-Bank

The change in the name of the Bank does not entail any changes in the rights and obligations of the Bank to its customers and counterparties. No agreement need to be re-entered with the new name of the Bank, all agreement and contracts earlier entered into by the Bank remain in full force and effect.

You are required starting from 14.09.2016 to use the new name of the Bank when preparing paymnent documents and also to notify your counterparties of the change in the name of the Bank to ensure that all amounts are credited to accounts with our Bank on a timely basis.

All additional information concerning the Bank’s services may be obtained by phone on (495) 411-77-47 or on the Bank’s website at

We sincerely thank you for your long-standing cooperation and trust, and hope that our relations will continue to develop further in a favourable manner.

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