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Payments by POS-terminals and ATMs

You can make payments to Internet providers, telecommunication and other companies using the Bank’s ATMs and POS-terminals.

We believe that the most convenient and quick way of payment is payment via ATMs. Using our ATMs situated in the Moscow offices of the Bank you can also pay for the whole range of utility services rendered in Moscow, including payment for housing and public utility services under a uniform billing document, payment for power supply, landline telephone services, as well as long-distance and international calls.

Via the Bank’s ATMs you can place an order for money transfer from your bank account using cards of VISA International Payment System issued by the Bank. In such case no commission will be charged by the Bank for the aforementioned operations. Making payment via ATMs is as easy as cash withdrawal: just follow instructions on the screen. In case of POS-terminal payments a bank teller effects your payment instructions.

In cash desks of the Bank or its branches and supplementary offices the holders of the Bank’s cards call replenish their special card accounts by executing a credit slip or using their bank cards without execution of a credit slip. The service of account replenishment with bank cards can be rendered in any of the Bank’s supplementary offices or branches equipped with POS-terminal regardless of the office/branch where the card account is assigned to, and the card spending limit will be increased instantly. Such operations are performed free of charge.