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Alef-Bank promissory notes

Promissory note is a simple and unconditional obligation to pay a fixed amount of money by a specified date.

The peculiar property of promissory note is a combination of accumulation and settling up functions of financial instrument. In other words, when investing in promissory notes one always knows the exact income he will gain in the future. Promissory note is similar to bank deposit, but in contrast to the latter it is more liquid, i.e. capable to turn into money, since it can be sold, used to pay for delivered goods or called away.

Long-term financial stability of Alef-Bank allowed developing its own promissory note programs. Alef-Bank issues the following kinds of promissory notes:

  • interest-bearing notes in Russian rubles;
  • non interest-bearing notes in Russian rubles and US dollars.We issue guarantees and - accommodate with loan on the security of Alef-Bank promissory notes. Our promissory notes are also used for settling up.

We also deal with third-party promissory notes, providing stable income. Serious approach to study and analysis of notes issuers minimize their default risks in spite of critical financial situation in the world. Income from third-party promissory notes transactions is composed of interest return, discount and resale income.

You can contact us to find out Alef-Bank notes issue tariffs.