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Individual safe deposit boxes

Do not keep important documents and valuable items at home. Our Bank will guarantee their integrity and safe-keeping at all times.

Alef-Bank is glad to offer you individual safe deposit boxes to store various valuables and documents.

Any items and documents can be stored in a safe deposit box at the customer’s discretion, including money, securities, jewelry, valuable industrial or commercial documents, etc.  

Advantages of storing your valuables in individual safe deposit boxes:

  • possibility to  rent a safe deposit box for any period of time – from 1 day to 1 year (where required a rental period can be extended or a prematurely terminated);
  • wide selection of deposit box sizes;
  • vaults with individual safe deposit boxes are situated in specially designed areas complying to all requirements of safety and confidentiality. The Bank ensures round-the-clock security of vaults and guarantees protection of individual safe deposit boxes from unauthorized access;
  • customers have unhindered access into the vault throughout the whole day of the Bank’s operation;
  • customers can allow access to rented safe deposit boxes to their authorized representatives;
  • nobody but customers or their authorized representatives will be able to use the key to an individual safe deposit box;
  • for the purposes of property sales and purchase transactions, special conditions of access to a safe deposit box can be set at the discretion of customers, for prevention of possible frauds in sales or purchases of expensive objects, e.g. an apartment or a car.

The cost of safe deposit box rental depends on a rental period and the size of the box.  

You can also use any of the following additional services:

  • calculation and authentication of banknotes by the Bank’s cashiers;
  • usage of currency validator;
  • usage of a banknotes counter (free);
  • issuance of a letter of authorization for access to a safe deposit box by the Bank;
  • setting special terms of access to a safe deposit box.

An individual safe deposit box in the Bank’s special vault is a reliable guarantee of the safety and integrity of your documents and valuable items!

Addresses of vaults with individual safe deposit boxes:

21/33 Krzhizhanovskogo Str., Bldg. 1, Moscow

5 Moldavskaya Str., Bldg. 1, Moscow