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Services to Small and Medium Enterprises

Salary projects

The Bank has vast experience in organization, support and supervision of salary projects of enterprises of various industries.

One of the peculiarities of our Bank is a flexible approach to organization of salary projects ensuring where required a local cards servicing infrastructure that fully meets the requirements of an enterprise.

As salary cards, the Bank offers to use Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards.

Payment of salaries through plastic cards of the Bank will allow your enterprise to:

  • reduce the volume of cash and accounting operations;
  • reduce the losses of working time used for  receiving of salaries;
  • get rid of salary queues;
  • abandon the procedure of depositing the money uncalled by your employees;
  • avoid the necessity to return above-limit cash balance to the bank;
  • reduce the risks associated with keeping and transportation of cash designated for payment of salaries;
  • ensure confidentiality in payment of salaries;
  • provide additional motivation to the management of your enterprise by issuing Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards.

Main advantages for the employees of your enterprise:

  • no risks associated with keeping of cash;
  • saving time when receiving your salary;
  • additional income (interest is accrued on the balances on card accounts of employees);
  • possibility to use a plastic card of the Bank to pay for goods and services in retailer and service outlets worldwide without any commissions;
  • possibility to pay for various services through the Bank’s ATMs and online;
  • possibility to receive one or several additional cards for your own needs or for the members of your family.

Commercial terms and conditions of cooperation of the Bank and an enterprise under salary projects are subject to negotiations and depend on the number of employees, the size of the salary fund, and additional services rendered by the Bank to an enterprise.