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Securities market transactions

Brokerage services

Alef-Bank, a professional participant of the securities market, offers brokerage services in Russian rubles and foreign currencies on the Russian stock market and over-the-counter market to investors. Alef-Bank is a member of Equities and Bonds Market and Government-Backed Securities and Money Market of MICEX.

Our specialists give information support and consultancy services under brokerage and depository agreements in accordance with Alef-Bank tariffs.

Repos in securities

Alef-Bank conducts REPO transactions in shares and bonds of Russian companies at MICEX as well as in promissory notes at OTC market. Terms and rates of repos are specified at bargaining.

Promissory notes transactions

Alef-Bank offers the following services in third-party promissory notes:

  • purchase/sale of third-party promissory notes;
  • custody;
  • acceptance of promissory notes for sale on a commission basis, purchase of promissory notes on customers’ demand under commission agreements:
  • repos in promissory notes;
  • consultancy services;
  • collection of promissory notes in the name customers.